You Probably Need Computer Glasses

About 60% of people should wear blue light blocking computer glasses now that computers and electronics are becoming a fundamental and essential part of our day. But many people do not know that they need them.

You Probably Need Computer Glasses If You…

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  1. Fatigued/Red Eyes
  2. Have Headaches
  3. Neck and Shoulder Tension
  4. Blurred Vision
  5. Sensitivity to Light
  6. Loss of Focus
  7. Experience Irregular Sleeping Habits



Not to worry.. You have options :) 

1.  Shop Computer Glasses at and use daily or as desired. You can find high quality trendy frames and for a good price too

2.  Adjust computer screen(s) 20 inches or more from the eye to the surface or your screen

White work table with notes, smartphone and laptop3.  Correct brightness and color temperature on computer or other digital screens
4.  Increase text sizes on electronics
5.  Wear blue light blocking eyeglasses for two hours before bed or while you sleep every night
6.  Blink many times and take frequent breaks. Have a sip of coffee or tea



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Additional Tips: The quality of the lenses and material of the frames is extremely important when talking about maximum eye protection. You want to be sure that the computer glasses you chose are blocking 90% of blue light and are of highest quality possible.

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