Polarized Sunglasses-Why Are They Important?

Have you ever been driving on a sunny day and see a mirror of water on the road in front of you? That is the sun rays doing its work-using excess light.  The suns light rays’ causes visual fatigue and glare to the eye considerably diminishing ones vision. As a driver, reflections on flat surfaces can be frustrating and at times, dangerous.  

When we use sunglasses with polarized lenses we can see clearly through the glare of the sun rays since their lenses help to see clearly in any situation where the sunburst makes it difficult to see clearly.   Polarized lenses are a type of filtered lens that blocks light coming from certain directions; sunlight does not reach the eye through a straight line, but from simultaneous directions.  

Using sunglasses with polarized lenses, we not only protect our visual health, but furthermore avert severe accidents impelled by the lack of road visibility, since we can see clearly beyond the glare generated by high temperature asphalt or refraction of the sun.  

Polarized lenses are highly recommended for people who are recovering from cataract surgery or who otherwise suffer from sensitivity to the sun's rays. Not to mention, they are excellent for fishermen, since this type of lens allows the user to see beyond the "water mirror" allowing a clear and absolute view of everything that happens under the aquatic surface.  

Because there are several types of polarized lenses, it is important to consult a vision professional to find the right polarized lenses. Lenses can be purchased in prescription and non-prescription polarized sunglasses.  

Today, there are numerous selections created to meet the needs of each individual. In Blue Light Blocking Eyewear, we offer Verona Love Polarized Glasses, with a great variety of sports models and casual style.

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